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My name is Trudie and together with my daughters Kim & Bessie we own or have breed all of the dogs on on Blakeswood Australian Doodles We are a family run hobby breeder. We live in the beautiful countryside of Essex.

We first fell in love with Australian labradoodles in early 2012 when we brought our first girl Daphne. As her temperament was so good and that she was amazing with the young children we decided to breed her and keep one of her puppies. The other reason we fell in love with the bread is the fact that they have a 98% success rate with asthma sufferers and people with allergies.


All the puppies are brought up in our family home, being very well socialised with people especially children as my grandchildren love to play with them.


We do not early spay or neuter (ESN) our puppies as we find that there is no benefit. As we have spoken to many vets and done lots of independent research there are lots of argument for and against. So, we sell our puppies with a Spay/Neuter contract.

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